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Monday, March 8, 2021 at 6:03 am

I have not written anything here in a while. Many reasons, really — lots going on with life, then not much to add, thanks anyways, then eventually wondering if a blog is even relevant anymore. I think people just have youtube channels now, or something?

I guess a bigger part is that it’s weird to come back to it all. Probably around half of the content on here is a decade old… and it’s strange reading yourself, from ten years ago. By and large, fond nostalgia, but the regular stabbing cringe over myself being a dweeb, or too full of myself, or whatever.

Updating it is out of the question; I can’t walk back into that. Deleting it seems too harsh. So, figure I’ll just leave it where it is — and write this up, as a disclaimer of sorts: Fond memories, I meant them very much at the time, but these days I do cringe a bit reading some of it

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  1. omg, i actually just stumbled across this site from ricedoutyugo, so odd you just posted this like last week. kewl. well i mighta read some more of nostalgia, i still like blogs bro.

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