Bring Your Own DAW: Samples ‘n’ VST’s

Monday, August 3, 2009 at 4:32 pm

The internet is great. In terms of music software, samples, patches, whatever — there’s more freely available than you’ll ever want. If I find a neat sample pack, plugin, whatever — I’ll post it here. Bring your own DAW.

To kick it off, here are three things I’ve found massively useful in recent months:

Phat Drum Loops

This site may have been around longer than I’ve been making music. Every drum break you could ever want — you’re going to chop them up, and not just use the loop, right? Quality can be uneven, but who knows that once you’ve slathered it in seven layers of FX? If I want a specific break and I don’t have it, this is often the first place I check.

Freeware VST Pack Torrent

I already had a bunch of these, and the rest were generally worth having. Also quite keen if you’re setting up a new enviornment — gets all the essentials there. Could use more distortion though… from this forum thread.


Somewhere between sample library site and youtube, this place has more sound than you’ll know what to do with — and lawyers won’t beat down your door.

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