Bring Your Own DAW: DestroyFX, de la Mancha, ArcDev

Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 11:55 pm


You’ve almost certainly heard the DestroyFX VST plugins in action… or people manually doing the things they’ve automated. Buffer Override is particularly stunning.

Did I mention they’re free?

de la Mancha

Oodles of useful doodads. Ring thing is my personal fave, and Basic64 is fun. They seem to have added a bunch of new plugins since I’ve last checked the site, including a whimsical VST implimentation of the 80s game Simon (perfect training for the epic level of memory required to use early Roland sequencers).

I’ve linked to their freeware section; there are also non-free ones there.

ArcDev Noise Industries

A.K.A. Arcane Devices. Quality workhorse VST’s, and some oddities besides. They seem to have pulled ArcDev Debaser, a bit-crusher plugin, which is a shame… lots of other stuff still there. Cyclotron is great once you get your head around it. All free — unless you count the effort required to navigate their web site.

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