Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Kevin Blechdom has amusingly-annotated max/msp plugins available for download.

When i sit with other “PRO”-grams, there’s just too many options and and it doesn’t fuck up enough. But over time these limitations become all-too-apparent and cripple the mind and body and therefore the funk becomes the junk and you become the poo… and then there’s only one thing to do, find the nearest drum circle and bang on that drum until you are red in the face and have seen god, and only then can you return to your dungeon of under-developed and lazily-programmed music software.

I used to believe in music. I used to imagine “perfect” music, and this music was made out of sine waves and sine waves made out of sine waves made out of sine waves forever
and it would make everyone happy

Frankly, the patches kind of scare me, but the web site is great.

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